Nash's Auto

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Help a local business just starting out with some branding and created an online presence. The only established branding elements was a logo created by another designer.


In 2010 I designed the website and social media campaign by sourcing my own assets. I managed all front-end development, hosting, server maintenance, and social media account administration for the first few years. Originally created as a static site and later converted to a Wordpress theme for easy content updates.

Nash's Auto Website Design
Nash's Auto Facebook Page Design
Nash's Auto Website Perspective

Realiging For a Mobile Experience

With an increase of mobile device usage in 2013 I redesigned the site to focus on a mobile-first experience as the original site was not coded to be responsive. I also simplified the experience to a single page site as other vendors took over appointment and review services. The site has since been taken over by another vendor but my code is still available on GitHub.

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Nash's Auto Mobile-First Redesign