Jewish Historical Society of Michigan

IA • CMS Integration


Create a solution for updating the site to a new CMS allowing the client to have more flexibility and control while maintaining brand consistency and expanding features.

The site was previously developed on Wordpress was restrictive and difficult for the clients to use. Part of the requirements where to retain features of the old with the new site. Features such as an events calendar, content gallery, blog, and site search.


I consulted with the clients to understand their needs and what restrictions were imposed. Our CMS recommendation was MODx as it offers a lot of customization and flexibility. I recommended a other system to handle form creation and payment processing which was all to be managed by the client.

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Jewish Historical Society Information Architecture


My primary responsibility was project lead for architecture and CMS development. I handled most of the initial research/documentation of the old site to develop the new site architecture. Once the visual design and static HTML was completed by other team members I migrated everything to work within the MODx CMS for clients to manage.

  • Audit and document old site structure
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Developing an SEO plan
  • MODx CMS development
  • CMS training for clients

CMS Template Planning

Jewish Historical Society Information Architecture

Example workflow

I developed example process flow diagrams for the client to illustrate how retargeting users works across the integrated systems.

Jewish Historical Society of Michigan - workflow